San Jye Co., Ltd. (SJCO) is a professional sheet metal manufacturer. With 6700 square meter plant space and over 35 years production experience, San Jye focuses on precision machinery sheet mental, customized sheet metal in medical assistive device, and electronics semiconductor fields. By infusing innovation and technology, long-term promoting production innovation, in-depth understanding with market demand, SJCO establishes high quality product as its core value. We are able to cultivate long term win-win partnership with our customers in pursuit of fully automation production development, increasing overall production efficiency, and product precision.

Serve Professional Customers To Pursue Outstanding As Goal-oriented

Our major manufacturing processes include laser cutting, punching, bending/forming, welding and surface treatment for sheet metal parts. With years’ continuous research and innovation, small-volume, large-variety products, no mold investment, speedy delivery are the leading goals we attempt to achieve in order to reduce customers’ developing cost as well as increasing competiveness, profession, technology, and quality.

  • Expertise:
    35-year deep- plowed in sheet metal industry and accumulated substantial experiences provide us nutrition for succeed. From inquiry, order, process manufacturing to product delivery, our customers and us solve many difficult issues together. SJCO appreciates each single order and believes each single cooperation project is unique.
  • Excellent Quality Management:
    Strict quality management is SJCO’s uncompromising component. Starting from aggressively implementing ISO-9001 quality management system, thorough quality inspection, providing quality knowledge training, to strictly quality control in each process, we put in tremendous efforts to establish impeccable quality achievement.
  • Solid Manufacturing Technology:
    With lasting large-variety production as goal realization in processing techniques and processes judgments, SJCO is continuously developing. While we diversify our business, we never slack off in technology research and improve current products.

Competitive Price

Our goal is based on reasonable price to provide our customers the most advanced equipment processes and prompt service. Through comprehensive understanding of the importance of product quality and production control, SJCO ensures the advantage in price, and also provide speedy delivery and high precision quality at the same level. Because we understand price is one of the major factors, SJCO has started to work on full automation production. While expanding our production lines, we provide complete solutions to maintain our quality control superiority,. In terms of price and quality, we will keep our customers satisfied and at the same time, while we are achieving excellence.

Optimize Production To Build New Era In Manufacturing

  • Advanced Automation CNC Equipment

In order to fulfill market demand and quality standard, we have brought in German TRUMPT laser cutting equipment, servo hydraulics bending equipment to improve production technology and quality. Continuously funding in automation equipment is SJCO's important decision, such as procurement the latest model on TruLaser5040 fiber 8000W 2D fiber laser cutting equipment with automotive load and unload system. Building a healthy workplace and just-in-time production for market demand also help us to become a trustworthy partner with our customers.

Build To Last, Sustainable Development

  • Short Term Goal:
    The primary goal is to satisfy regional demand on sheet metal related parts or product and become leading professional sheet metal manufacturer. As the company is growing, we also satisfy employees’ material as well as spiritual needs, helping to improve self-value, and providing returns outpacing employees ‘expectations to keep talents.
  • Long Term Vision:
    SJCO fulfill social responsibility by establishing metal processing center in Chia-yi in order to promote regional metal industry development, providing required management technology and research resources, and promoting related industry upgrade in order to achieve an endless mass economy cycle.

Company Organization

Company Organization